Modern Dog Portrait On Canvas

This collection of lively dog illustrations captures the unique moments in our pets' lives. Our pet portraits are made in America, printed on art quality cotton substrate, using an artistic giclée printing process, and hand-finished by our experienced canvas framing team. They are limited edition with a lifetime color guarantee; we will only create 100 worldwide per model.


Custom illustration dog portrait

If you want to have a unique dog artwork you can personalize the portrait of your dog by sending us your photo.

Customize your dog portrait

Examples of custom dog portraits on canvas

Cute dog hunting in the kitchen.

Happy Golden Doodle chilling out.

Long-haired dachshund relaxing with his friend.

Beautiful portrait of a very serious Cane Corso


1.- Our recommendation is to take the photo in a well-lit area. Without filter and with natural light.
2.- The ideal pose is close up and from the front, showing the ears, head, neck and chest. This gives us a better perspective of what your pet looks like and we will be able to work better on the watercolor portrait of your dog. Photos of your pet lying down, out of focus and/or backlit are not ideal.
3.- Avoid overhead or blurry photos. Make sure no ears are cut out of the photo
You can read our easy image guide for more information.

Of course, we do! We love animals and have been creating unique pet portraits for many years. If you're looking to commission a picture of your animal, be it an adorable hamster or gorgeous horse, then get in touch with us today at

Yes, we will send you proof for your approval to the email address you provided when you placed your order.

Yes. The Verywoof team is privileged to be able to create portraits of your passed away dogs. Many of our clients commission us to print memorial portraits of dogs for their family or friends. It is a much-appreciated gift.
You can select any of our dog art styles and add the text that best represents the love and remembrance for the passed away dog.

You can order your dog memorial gifts here

No, we have more than 20 different sizes up to a maximum of 40 inches (101 cm). If you need a special order do not hesitate to contact us at We will provide you with all the information about pet portraits in other dimensions.

You will receive your order within 10-14 business days of approving your digital preview. We will send you a tracking code when the order has been shipped.

You can change your order after it's been placed! We are happy to help with any changes you need as long as they're made within 12 hours of placing the order. After this time, most updates will no longer work, and shipping delays may result from those types of modifications.