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Pet Portraits Photography Guidelines

Low-quality photos will result in low-quality artwork.
It’s easy to get pet portraits like those on our website if you follow these easy directions:
Natural lighting is vital. Take a photo or choose an existing one taken in daylight and brightly lit room.
Use a good smartphone or a quality camera. Remember to clean the lens.
Please make sure the whole face, ears & neck is visible so we can capture their coloring clearly.
Leave space above and to the sides so that we can appreciate its body structure.
Avoid filtered pictures as they may not accurately represent what your pup/cat looks like.
We strongly suggest that you take the portrait of your pet from the front and at eye level. Other positions are also acceptable, but he/she will be shown in this position for the final product!
You can add notes to the orders in case you have something to communicate to us. However, we cannot guarantee that special requests will be fulfilled; for example, we will not edit a photo to close or open a mouth, add a smile, etc. However, we can remove red eyes, and edit eye color.

How the images should look?

Perfect posing
This image is ideal. It’s at eye level so the features look very good to be drawn. No part of the head or ears are cut off, there is space on both sides, and the image of the chest is perfect as a reference center.
Inadequate position
Not all of the dog’s factions are visible, so it is not possible to draw it accurately. Some areas are out of focus.
Bad Light
The framing is adequate but the side light distorts part of the dog’s face.

Examples of photographs we can work with

Need help choosing the right photograph?

If you have doubts or need help selecting the right picture dog’s portrait write us at attaching the images.
If you don’t need to send us images you can use the following form.

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