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Your Pet's Time to Shine: Unveil the Beauty of Custom Pet Portraits

Ava Williams

Are you wondering how to immortalize your love for your furry friend? It's no secret that custom dog portraits have recently become a popular way to capture our pet's unique charm. This blog post will walk you through everything there is to know about beautiful pet paintings, from choosing the perfect photo to framing your work of art. Read on, and get ready for your pet’s close-up!

Watercolour portrait of a golden retriever on a dune on a beach.

Key Takeaways for Dog Portraits

Custom pet portraits let us show our love for pets in a fun, touching way.
Pencil drawings, watercolors, and illustrations are popular styles for pet art.
Importance of a pet photo. Good photos taken under bright light work best to make custom pet pictures.
A floating frame can add depth and class to your personalized pet portrait.

Celebrating the bond with your pet through art

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All pet parents want to show love for pets through art. This is a fun and touching way to honor our furry friends. Getting a custom pet portrait lets you keep a beautiful view of your pet's adorable face at all times.

Pet owners find great joy in seeing their pet’s charming looks turned into an art piece. This special type of pet art brings up warm feelings as they see their bond with their pets captured on canvas or print.

talented artist can bring out every detail, from the sparkle in each eye to the feel of soft fur, making it look alive and special.

The growing trend of custom pet portraits

Now, more and more people are choosing to get custom pet portraits. They see it as a special way to show their love for their pets. The demand for these portraits has gone up in the past few years. These pieces of art are thoughtful gifts for pets and families.

Two things have added to this trend. First, art styles come and go in cycles that spur new interest. Secondly, since the pandemic, pets have taken on a greater role in our lives.

Many are choosing pencil drawings, watercolors, and illustrations. In our shop, we offer a lifetime warranty.

Discover the Charm of Custom Pet Portraits

Explore the sentimental significance of custom pet portraits and delve into the array of styles and mediums available just waiting to immortalize your furry friend, with insightful tips to aid your collaboration with skilled artists.

Stay tuned, there's much more ahead!

The emotional value of custom pet portraits

Custom pet portraits keep our love for pets alive. Pet owners see their pets as beloved family members, so having a custom piece of art makes the bond stronger. It can make you smile or miss them more when they are not around.

Each portrait is a show of your true love and special bond with your pet.

Portraits also help to remember good times spent with a favorite pet. This way, no matter where you go, your furry friend goes with you in heart and mind. Every look at the work of art brings back great memories.

These paintings bring both joy and comfort to all who adore pets.

Different styles and mediums are available

There are many styles to choose from when thinking about a custom pet portrait. Here is a list:

  • Pencil drawing: An artist uses a pencil to draw your pet. It's simple but can show a lot of details.
  • Watercolor painting: This style uses watercolors to paint your pet. It's soft and has a nice feel.
  • Digital art: Artists make this type of art on the computer. It's easy to change things with digital art.


Transforming Memories: Creating Pet Portraits from Photos

Delve into the artistry of creating pet portraits from photos, as we explore the best methods for selecting that perfect image and share tips to help you capture a photo that translates flawlessly into an exquisite work of art.

The art of selecting the perfect photo

Picking the right photo is key to a stunning pet portrait. Pick one that shows off your pet's unique look and feel. Just like us, pets have good sides too! The best photos will hint at their soul and character.

Big grins, playful poses or dreamy looks are all great choices.

Choose well-lit shots with clear details. A photo taken in bright, natural light often works best. It helps show your pet’s real colors and every small detail of their fur texture.

Also check the background – it should not be too busy or take attention away from your pet.


Tips and tricks for capturing a photo that translates well into art

Getting the perfect photo of your pet creates great pet portraits. Follow these tips and tricks:

  1. Experiment with different angles at the eye level of your pet. This will give a new look to each photo and make your pet's adorable face shine.
  2. Pick the right light for the photo shoot. Good lighting can help you get clear images of your pet's features. We recommend natural light.
  3. Focus on getting a well lit, clear shot of the eyes. The eyes are key in any portrait painting, as they show lots of emotion.
  4. Avoid using a flash as it might scare your pet away or cause red-eye in pictures

A Canvas of Love: Crafting Your Custom Pet Portrait Canvas

Presenting your pet's on a custom canvas adds a personal touch to your home decor. Understand the process of creating this masterpiece, showcasing every detail you cherish about your pet.

Select the right canvas size and type for an exquisitely realistic portrait painting.

Tips and tricks for capturing a photo that translates well into art

Making art of your pet on canvas is an exciting act. Here are a few steps:

  1. Settle on a photo of your pet. It should show all their cute details.
  2. Choose the style.
  3. In some styles, you can choose the background.
  4. You can always include the pet's name or a short text
  5. Choose the canvas size and type that will work best for your pet's portrait.
  6. Once done, we will send you a proof to review the result before sending it to you.
Portrait of a French Bulldog in autumn forest
Portrait of Australian dog in the field
Portrait of a Cockpoo mixed breed

Choosing the right canvas size and type for your pet portrait

Picking the right canvas size for your custom pet portrait is key. This choice can impact how well the art fits in your home. Bigger canvases might show more details of your pet, but a smaller piece could fit better on crowded walls.

Start by thinking about where you want to hang this work of art. If you plan to add it to a gallery wall with many other pieces, go small like an 8x10 canvas print. For a stand-alone piece or focal point, consider going big with an 18"x 24" canvas or poster.

Your chosen type of pet portrait - be it digital, pencil, or watercolor - can also affect what size works best for you.

Feline Grace: Crafting Exquisite Pet Portraits of Cats

In this section, we explore the subtle intricacies of crafting striking cat portraits, discussing popular styles and themes to capture your feline friend's distinct personality. We also take readers on a visual journey through a gallery showcasing stunning examples of cat portraits that truly encapsulate Feline Grace.

The unique nuances of creating cat portraits

Making cat portraits needs a special touch. It's all about catching the true beauty of cats. Each one is different and has its own look. Artists work with simple linessoft colors, and lots of open space to show how calm cats can be.

This takes skill but also love for each feline friend being drawn or painted. It lets owners feel close to their pets and celebrate them every day!

Comparison of a photograph of a cat and the result of its watercolor portrait

Popular styles and themes for cat portraits

At Verywoof we specialize in various styles and themes for cat portraits.

  • Realistic pencil pet portraits show each cat's unique look.
  • Personalized watercolor cat portraits offer an artistic vision of your pet.
  • The artists also create digital pet portraits for a modern look.
Three portraits of cats on canvas. Three different painting styles. Illustration, pencil and watercolour.

Art Gallery: Showcasing beautiful examples of cat portraits

Our gallery is a sight to behold with cat portraits. Each piece of art captures the charm that cats have. With every paint stroke, we highlight the unique look and spirit of each cat breed.

Our artists use many tricks like watercolors and sketches to make the cats stand out more on canvas. We could not think of any better way to celebrate our love for these furry friends!

Close-up watercolor portrait of a Persian cat
Watercolor cat portrait of a young male named Tim
Cute and serious cat posing for a pencil portrait
Illustration custom portrait of a Maincoon cat
Digital illustration of an Maine Coon cat
Illustrated portrait of a cat with a customised background
Digital illustration of Mimi with a custom background
Watercolor portrait of three beautiful cats posing on the ground.
Watercolor portrait of three beautiful cats posing on the floor

The Perfect Frame: Enhancing Your Art with Framed Pet Portrait

A custom frame can significantly enhance any kind of dog art, transforming it into a standout piece of home decor. The floating frame is a popular choice that gives depth and adds sophistication to your pet art.

When selecting a frame for your pet portrait, consider the color scheme and design style of the room where you plan to display it. Remember, even the most captivating dog portrayals or watercolor cat sketches can be overshadowed by an ill-fitting or poorly selected frame.

A well-picked frame should complement—not compete with—the mesmerizing eyes or adorable face captured in your personalized pet masterpiece.

For your cat or dog painting, we recommend the floating frame that separates a few millimeters from the canvas leaving in an elegant way all the protagonism to the painting. It also brings robustness and fineness, to your personalized dog art

The floating frame

floating frame makes pet art look better. It adds depth and shows off the beauty of a custom pet portrait. You can pick one that fits the style and decor of your room. It gives a professional, finished look to the artwork.

Many pet owners like this elegant way to show their pets' portraits on the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Painting

This section will address frequently asked questions regarding cost, turnaround time, optimal portrait size, and other aspects of custom pet portraits. If you have any additional questions you can contact Kate Roberts, manager of our support team at She is happy to help. 

How much do pet portraits usually cost?

Looking for the perfect pet portrait that fits your budget? At Verywoof, we offer a variety of affordable options to choose from. Here's a quick rundown of our pricing:

  • For a budget-friendly option, grab a photographic poster starting at just $43 for a one-pet, 8"x10" size, and going up to $69 for a three-pet, 18"x24" size.
  • Prefer a canvas? Get a unique 8"x10" custom pet portrait on organic cotton canvas for only $55, or go bigger with an 18"x24" canvas accommodating three pets at $107.
  • Want to add a classy touch? Opt for a driftwood frame; the pricing is $73 for an 8"x10" canvas with one pet and $137 for an 18"x24" canvas with three pets.
  • For those eyeing a larger portrait, reach out to Kate Roberts at We can accommodate canvases up to 90 inches.

All prices cover shipping and taxes, and we guarantee lifetime color quality from our studios in the US, Europe, the UK, and Australia. Trust us to deliver a cherished, high-quality artwork that celebrates your furry friend in style! 


Are pet portraits worth it?

Yes, pet portraits are worth it. They hold great emotional value for pet lovers. If your pet means a lot to you, a portrait can be a special way to show this love. The art piece catches the charm of your pet in its own way.

It stands as a bold mark of their place in your life and heart. Also, custom portraits let the fun parts of your furry friends come out in ways that real photos do not capture often.

Lastly, they make great gifts that touch hearts deeply while leaving long-lasting joy in both pets and owners' lives.

Yes! Artists create unique or custom pieces including watercolor pet portraits, pencil animal paintings, and Digital Illustration.

How long does a pet portrait take?

Making a pet portrait takes time. It depends on the artist and their work load.

As a general rule we will send you a proof for approval within 3-4 working days. 

We produce locally and ship in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. These are the shipping times:

  • United States: 10-15 business days ( usually sooner).
  • UK: 10-14 business days.
  • Europe: 10-14 business days.
  • Australia: 5-9 business days.

What is the best size for pet portrait?

Plan where you want to place the artwork and measure your space. For a standout piece, go big. If you're aiming for a snug vibe, a smaller canvas will do the trick. Remember, the canvas should occupy about a third of the wall's width.

Picking the Art Style: Decide on the artwork style and the detail level you prefer. A larger canvas can showcase detailed brushstrokes, while a smaller one suits minimalist designs better.

Matching the Room's Vibe: Evaluate your room's current mood. If it's already adorned with various artworks, a smaller canvas will complement without overwhelming. For minimalist spaces, a large, bold canvas adds a splash of personality.

Need Help? Contact us at for expert advice on sizing and styles. We're here to guide you in making the perfect choice!

What makes a good dog portrait?

A good dog portrait is more than a drawing of a dog. It should show the charm, mood, and energy in your pet's adorable face. To shape a custom pet portrait just right need to have details on how the fur moves or how bright their eyes are.

Also take into account their favorite toy or even as simple as what gets them excited! These unique traits add life to the art piece and make each one special. In doing so it becomes not only an image but also tells the deep bond between you and your pet along with all memories shared.

What makes a successful pet portrait photograph?

A good pet portrait photo shows the soul of the pet. It lets us see their true self and all their fun ways. You need to watch your pet closely. Get on their level when taking the shot.

Use natural light to bring out the color in their eyes and fur coat. Their bond with you should also show in this picture, as noted in our facts above. A successful photo will let this bond shine through.

What background colors are best for pet portraits?

Choosing the right colour for a pet portrait background is key. We use custom background just in the illustration style. The background can make your pet's image pop out or melt into the scene. Light colours like white, cream, and pale pastels are popular choices.

They give a clean look and allow pets with dense or dark fur to stand out well.

Dark backgrounds also work well in certain cases. Deep green, rich burgundy, or charcoal gray can lend an elegant touch. These shades help highlight pets with light-coloured coats.

It depends on what suits your home decor best too! Feel free to pick your choice of colour when ordering a custom pet portrait.

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