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Fundas de teléfono personalizadas para perros. Diez lindos ejemplos de pintura perro personalizado que te hacen sonreír.

Ava Williams
Tres fundas para teléfono con retrato de perro

Check out these personalized dog phone cases that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face! With custom artwork featuring your fur baby these phone cases not only protect your device from bumps and scratches but also let you proudly display your pet's unique personality.

We understand the bond between pet owners and their furry friends. That's why we offer a range of iPhone and Samsung cases adorned with portraits. Whether in pencil, illustration or watercolor style each design is carefully crafted to order using top notch materials for lasting durability.

Protege tu teléfono con el arte personalizado de tu perro

Imagine carrying around a portrait of your four legged companion wherever you go. It's like having them by your side at all times! These dog phone cases also make gifts for any animal lover in your life.


Take a look at some real life examples of the cases our satisfied customers have received;

Convierte tus fotos en fundas para perros con un estilo único

Why not buy a phone cover that will always make you smile, with your dog custom art? Think of an adorable portrait of your pet; wouldn’t it be perfect? We create cute dog phone cases in three beautiful styles: pencil, illustration, and watercolor
All our designs are made to order and printed on Apple and Samsung devices using high-quality materials to ensure durability on the outside and protection for your phone.

He aquí algunos ejemplos de los casos que han recibido nuestros clientes.

Funda personalizada para Jack el Doberman

Jack the Doberman, a companion of Mary inspired her to request a custom phone case. Mary wanted to ensure that her new phone remained safe and secure so she decided to order a personalized case with Jacks image on it. The talented artists at Verywoof created the design showcased in this picture

Un pastor australiano llamado Tucker

Another dog named Tucker a shepherd from Florida captured the heart of Stella. To keep Tucker close when she's away from home Stella commissioned a customized phone case featuring his portrait. It serves as a reminder of their bond and brings comfort wherever she goes.

Fabricado para resistir el paso del tiempo y proteger tu teléfono de golpes y arañazos

In todays age our smartphones have become valuable tools that help us stay connected and organized. Given their significance and the investment we make in them it's only natural to want to protect them. That's why we've developed these dog themed cases that not safeguard your phone but also celebrate your furry companions.

Funda resistente para iPhone

Our tough phone cases are meticulously crafted for durability. They feature a layered material that provides extra protection, against everyday wear and tear.

The exterior layer of the phone case is crafted using a thermoplastic material that offers exceptional strength and lightness. Inside there's a flexible silicone lining that provides cushioning against shocks.

These top-notch phone cases with your dog portrait are meticulously designed to fit the device's dimensions thanks to carefully crafted molds.

The case showcases a high-quality color print that wraps around the body, including corners, sides, and edges creating an impressive visual effect. It's a case with clear ports for seamless connectivity and support. Additionally, it supports wireless charging and is compatible with MagSafe.

Not only do these phone cases look sleek with your dog's portrait on them but they also offer protection against drops falls and everyday wear and tear.

Funda transparente para iPhone

This transparent dog phone case is custom-made to safeguard your phone from bumps and scratches. Whether you carry it in your bag or pocket or have it rolling around in the car rest assured your phone will stay protected. The example Husky illustration created from a customer's photo adds an exclusive touch to it.

This co-molded case boasts a profile while offering excellent impact resistance due, to its construction using thermoplastic and glass optical fibers.

Personalizing your phone case with a portrait of your beloved pet is a wonderful way to blend practicality and artistry. This printed back case not only offers exceptional shock protection to keep your device safe but also showcases a stunning and one-of-a-kind portrait of your furry companion. Display your customized artwork keep your phone secure and capture a moment with this incredible product today!

Let everyone see the love you have for your pet by having a portrait on your phone case. Like our previous model it supports wireless charging and is compatible with Magsafe.

Fundas para perros con recortes precisos para facilitar el acceso a todos los botones y puertos

Our dog phone cases are designed with cutouts allowing easy access to all buttons and ports. These personalized cases are crafted with precision so that using your Apple or Samsung phone feels as natural as if it were bare. You can even charge it using Magsafe (Apple) while conveniently accessing all the buttons on either side. No more fumbling around or applying pressure because they are right where you need them most.

Fundas para iPhone personalizadas para perros

We offer customized dog iPhone cases where our talented artists can create a portrait featuring one pet per case. Take a look, at some of the models we've created for our satisfied customers, including the new Apple iPhone 14.

Preciosa funda de perro para iPhone 11
Fundas resistentes para iPhone 11 con retratos de perros personalizados.
Retrato original en acuarela de teléfono para perro. Modelo Apple 13

El regalo perfecto para cualquier ocasión

Custom pet phone cases are a gift for all animal lovers. They are not one of a kind and stylish but also practical – what more could you ask for? Whether its a birthday, holiday or simply because you care a custom pet portrait case will undoubtedly bring joy to your life. So why wait? Order yours today!


Echa un vistazo a las opiniones de los clientes sobre nuestra funda personalizada para mascotas

"¡La mejor decisión que he tomado nunca!"

Estaba hojeando mi Facebook cuando vi un anuncio de fundas para móviles con retratos de mascotas. Al principio era escéptico, pero después de ver los fantásticos resultados. Mi funda es impresionante y mi mascota nunca ha tenido mejor aspecto.

Martin B.
"¡No podría ser más feliz!"

Estoy encantada con mi nueva funda retrato de mascota. El detalle es increíble y capta la personalidad de mi perro. No podría estar más contenta con el producto final.

George W.
"¡Me encanta!"

Acabo de recibir mi nueva funda para el móvil con el retrato de mi mascota y ¡me encanta! La calidad es fantástica y la reproducción del color es perfecta. Es una forma estupenda de presumir de mi amigo peludo ante todos los que ven mi teléfono. Gracias por un producto tan maravilloso.

Carmen M.
"Buen trabajo. Me encanta el estilo de acuarela"

Excelente funda. Han tenido durante unas semanas y la imagen sigue siendo tan buena como nueva y el caso es un ajuste perfecto para el iPhone 11. Me encanta y sin duda volvería a comprar aquí cuando llegue el momento de cambiar.

Theresa M.

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