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Refund and Returns Policy

Our passion is the satisfaction of our customers, that is how we have made this company grow, we will make every effort to make you more than happy and satisfied with the customization you have entrusted to us.

Custom artwork is designed with care and is entirely personal to you. We’re sorry, but due to the customized nature of our products, we cannot offer returns or exchanges on these pieces. They are made specifically for each customer. It is therefore very important that you pre-approve the sample we send you by e-mail. 

If you are not satisfied with the final product, please contact us at Customer satisfaction is one of our goals, we want to share experiences with satisfied customers and we will work to make you happy with the final result.

If the product received is not correct or damagedwe will exchange it immediately without hesitation. Please let us know within 48 hours of receiving your order.

If you have placed an order and have changed your mind, you can cancel it within 2 hours. If 2 hours have passed, the cancellation will be granted at our discretion. The reason for this is that our artists usually start working as soon as you place the order.

It is very important that you follow our image guidelines. The photography you send us is our working tool to make a satisfactory product.

Your most important task in order for your custom portrait project to be perfect is to send us a photo that fits the guidelines we have posted on our website. For any questions, we are at your disposal at

Low-quality photos will result in low-quality artwork.

You can add notes to the orders in case you have something to communicate to us. However, we cannot guarantee that special requests will be fulfilled; for example, we will not edit a photo to close or open a mouth, add a smile, etc. However, we can remove red eyes, and edit eye color.

We do our best to provide high-quality, professional finishes for all of your projects but, our design team needs high-quality, clear photos for a finished product.

Blurry or low-resolution shots won’t allow us to produce what you see on-site!. The examples you see on our website are based on quality photos.

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